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Timings :  Applications are received between 09.00 AM and 12.00 noon, and delivered between 4.00 pm and 5.00 pm during Mondays to Fridays. If the application is complete in all respects, passports are returned after grant of visa within 2-3 working days after submission (applicable for Lebanese passport holders only).

Apply on-line for Indian Visas :
With effect from 12 May 2014, application for Indian visas have to be made online at
Please note that w.e.f. 12 May 2014, no application will be accepted which does not follow the on-line process.
Once the visa applications have been filled in on-line with the photo (of the day) uploaded and the appointment date selected, the hard copy/print out together with all required documents should be submitted to the Embassy together with the required fees.
Date and time for visa application submission/interview will be indicated on the application as part of the visa application procedure.
Please note that photographs to be uploaded as part of the application process should be 2 inch X 2 inch and should have a white background. The file size should be less than 300 KB and more than 10KB  in JPG /JPEG format.

Persons holding passports other than Lebanese passports are expected to obtain visas for India from Indian Missions in the country which has issued them the passport. However, if, for some reason, this has not been possible, we can assist in obtaining a visa in consultation with the concerned Indian Mission provided such person is resident of Lebanon for more than two years, and a copy of Lebanese Resident Permit is attached with his visa application. Visas in such cases are usually processed in five working days.

US Passport holders are required to pay fee of L.L. 1,63,000/- towards the fee for Tourist Visa.

Nigerian Passport holders have to pay a standard fee of LL 4,07,000/- for all types of Visas, while Ukranian Passport holders have to pay a fee of LL 1,39,000/- for Tourist, Conference, Employment, Entry and Journalist Visa with validity less than 6 months and LL 2,12,000/- for Business Visa with validity less than 1 year.

An additional fee of LL 3000/- is charged on all types of Visas.


In order to apply for Indian Visa, minimum validity of the passport should be 6 months.

The following documents are required for grant of tourist visa (i) duly filled in application form, (ii) one photograph, (iii) a copy of return air ticket,  (iv) a copy of the hotel booking/place of stay in India and (v) latest bank statement.


Types of Visa



Type of Visa


Visa Fee (in Lebanese Pound)  For Lebanese Passport Holders


Transit Visa

Valid up to 15days



Tourist Visa

Valid up to six month



Business Visa

Valid up to one year



Student Visa

Duration of course



Conference/ Medical attendant and other visas

Valid up to six months


6. Employment Valid upto one year 200,000


Visa Type Description


Is intended for transit through India to another country. Hence it is issued for single journey and for a maximum period of 15 days on production of air ticket with confirmed onward passage from India.


Intended for those going to India for tourism/holidays etc. Tourist visa is valid for maximum of six months from the date of issue and is non-extendable. Documents required : (i) visa application form, (ii) one photograph, (iii) copy of return air ticket  (iv) copy of the hotel booking/place of stay in India and (v) latest bank statement.


Intended for those who visit India for business purposes. This visa is issued for either single/double entry or multiple entries and for stay up to three/six months at a time. Introductory letter/note from -Indian counterpart needed; employment letter, hotel booking, air ticket. Background details of the applicant’s company including financial standing and copy of commercial registration (Arabic and English) are also required.

Long term

Foreign nationals of Indian origin are issued visas valid upto five years with stay in India upto six months on each visit or for a continuous stay upto five years subject to registration formalities.


Student visa is normally available for the period of study - Full details of the study course and letter of admission from a recognised institute/school in India, and proof of having sufficient funds should be provided with the application.


For those who are going to take up assignment/employment with companies registered in India. Copy of employment contract and proof of registration of company/employer are to be furnished with the application.


Granted to those who are going to India for attending Conferences/Seminars etc. In some cases, a clearance by concerned Indian authorities is required.


Duly filled in application form with one photograph and a diplomatic Note/Note Verbale.


Duly filled in application form with one photograph and a diplomatic Note/Note Verbale. In some cases applications may need approval by Indian authorities which might require processing time of four to six weeks.


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